Admission Requirements

Admission to the MS-MSE program is by meeting University requirements (See Graduate Admissions website) as well as those listed below.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial, Civil, Materials Science, Ceramic, Metallurgy, Manufacturing, Polymer and other related engineering disciplines) or Natural Sciences (Physics and Chemistry, primarily) from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPS of 3.00
  • GRE with preferred minimum of V 50%, Q 50% and AW 50%
  • TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer-based test) or 79 (internet-based test) for international students
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
USF students in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering can apply for the accelerated B.S./M.S. program in their junior year of undergraduate studies.  They should consult with the MS-MSE Director in their junior year to best plan their curriculum.


The MS-MSE degree program requires a total of 30 credits beyond the B.S. degree.  There are very few core requirements, totaling 5 credits, with a minimum of 19 credit hours of electives structured upon consultation with the Program Director on a student-by-student basis.  These courses are selected to tailor each student’s interests and growth in desired areas of materials science and engineering from offerings from various departments at USF.  Each student can choose to do a thesis within materials-oriented research groups in several departments of the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, or other suitable departments.  Thesis students must take 6 credits towards thesis work.  A committee must be appointed within the first two semesters in consultation with the Director.  Non-thesis students will substitute with regularly scheduled coursework instead.  Each student must pass a comprehensive exam to receive their MS-MSE degree.  The thesis defense serves as the comprehensive exam for thesis students.  Non-thesis students will have to submit a comprehensive/critical review on a materials topic approved and graded by the graduate coordinator and materials science and engineering faculty, which serves as the requirement.

Ph.D. students in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering at USF can qualify for an MS-MSE degree by meeting degree requirements from within the coursework required of their Ph.D. programs.

Undergraduate students from the Physics, Chemistry and most Engineering programs at USF can count up to 12 credits from their B.S. program towards their M.S. degree in the accelerated B.S./M.S program.  These courses must be at the graduate level (5000 or 6000) and can be taken as electives towards their B.S. degree, as an example.  Students interested in this option must consult with the Director of the MS-MSE program in their junior year for early planning of their curriculum.

Several documents and websites relevant to the MS-MSE curriculum can be found in the links on the Advising tab.


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